Strategies | Value-add Investment

Strada has a proven track record of achieving outsized risk-adjusted returns by capitalizing on its specialized skill sets and unique local knowledge.  In targeting assets for acquisition, Strada seeks situations with an identifiable catalyst to creating value.

These might include:
  • Convert B's to A's: Strada is adept at value-engineering targeted capital projects to reposition tired assets and improve the tenancy and income of those properties.  Strada also aims to identify opportunities to reduce operating expenses without sacrificing quality of property management.
  • Capitalize on spillover markets: Strada seeks to identify secondary submarkets well-positioned to benefit from spillover from a nearby primary market. These target spillover markets must stand on their own, with strong long-term growth fundamentals and sound characteristics, such as transport and attractive demographics.
  • Unique situations: Through its unique network of relationships, Strada aims to source off-market opportunities, which might include distressed loans secured by attractive real estate assets, families wishing to monetize jointly-owned assets, institutional owners wanting to recapitalize or reposition existing assets, or corporate owners needing to strengthen their balance sheet.